Rosenberg Library
The archives department of Galveston's public library has a wealth of information on the storm. The library is located at 2310 Sealy in Galveston. The phone number is (409) 763-8854.

Galveston Historical Foundation
The Galveston Historical Foundation is Texas' oldest historic preservation group and the second largest locally-based historic preservation organization in the nation. It began in 1871 as the Galveston Historical Society, organized to preserve papers and documents that were accumulating as Galveston developed into the "Queen City" of the Gulf during the latter decades of the 19th Century.

Clara Barton
Clara Barton and Red Cross volunteers reacted swiftly to news of the violent hurricane that swept over Galveston, helping establish a local Red Cross unit and an orphanage, providing temporary shelter for the homeless and distributing clothing, groceries and medicine to thousands of people.

National Weather Service
The 1900 account of Isaac M. Cline, the senior Weather Bureau employee present at Galveston, of the events leading up to the storm, his personal experiences in the storm, and the aftermath. This report is excerpted from the Monthly Weather Review for September, 1900.

CNN: The Galveston Hurricane
CNN offers a centennial remembrance, revisiting the day the sea rose up and swallowed what was then one of the richest cities in America. Features online chat, maps and photos.




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